Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?
Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?

Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?

Running a business is demanding. Most entrepreneurs didn't venture into their passion because they adore admin – but I do! Whether you're a budding entrepreneur driven by innovation or an established enterprise seeking streamlined operations, there's one thing you shouldn't compromise: your time.
Drowning in tasks? You might need a virtual assistant. Eager to focus on growth but juggling too many roles? You might need a virtual assistant

Here’s What I Bring to the Table:

I’ll Administrate So You Can Innovate
  • I optimise your workflow, giving you the freedom to boost profits and achieve a fulfilling work-life balance.
  • My expertise ensures your business stays on track, streamlined, and seamless.
  • Say goodbye to the stress of immediate administrative demands.
  • Embrace the joy of focusing on what you truly love in your business.
Why Choose Me?
  1. Deep-Rooted Experience: With over a decade in sales, finance, and administration, I've collaborated with a spectrum of businesses – from mammoth corporations spanning 5,000 employees globally to budding start-ups with intimate teams of 1-5.
  1. BCorp & BWB Expertise: I've carved a niche working with established and budding BCorp and BWB businesses. These sustainable and ethically-driven entities resonate deeply with my personal values.
  1. Flexibility & Adaptability: I operate 100% remotely and pride myself on being time-flexible. Regardless of your time zone or your unique schedule, I'm here to sync seamlessly.
  1. More Than Just a Task-Checker: I'm not here just to tick boxes. I immerse myself in understanding the ethos of your business and your ambitions, ensuring the support I offer isn't just efficient, but also empathetic and aligned with your vision.


Sarah is amazing! She's undertaken a wide variety of tasks for me, from social media planning, creating graphics, and scheduling posts, to writing blog posts and even taking on some of my client calls. She's always professional, completes tasks on time, and is a great communicator. Having her on board has transformed the way I run my business and I couldn't do without her! 
Helen Schryver, Schryver Photo
I highly recommend Sarah. She is a talented and motivated individual who consistently exceeds expectations. Her experience and brightness are assets that bring a fresh and innovative perspective to any project. Her organisation skills and attention to detail are impeccable, making her a valuable asset to any team. What sets her apart is her ability to take feedback on board and apply it to her work. She is not defensive in the face of criticism but instead embraces it as an opportunity to grow and improve. This open-minded attitude makes her a pleasure to work with and contributes to her overall success. In addition to her strong work ethic and dedication, she is also flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances with ease. She takes initiative and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and to a high standard. Overall, I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a reliable and competent individual to assist with their projects. She has a rare combination of interpersonal skills and drive, making her an asset to any team.
Julia Kessler, Nix&Kix Ltd
Sarah joined us during the early stage of our business development when our processes were immature or non-existent. She was instrumental in bringing order to the chaos and ensuring that we started to onboard new clients in an orderly fashion and build up accurate records of their technology estate. Our early clients therefore got a great level of service which may not have been the case otherwise. She quickly interpreted the bigger picture and could intuitively add value to the various projects in play - her output was always on the money.
Bob Sweetlove, Digital Origin

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