Sarah is a trusted and reliable professional who always goes above and beyond in her commitment to work. Her diligent work ethic and attention to detail make her an asset to any organisation, and somebody that you can trust to get the job done. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Sarah again if the opportunity arose. 
Scott Read, Growth Partners PLC
Sarah is incredibly dependable and professional and always delivers on time at or above expectations. During my time working with her I found her attention to detail and efficiency at executing tasks essential to ensuring that things flowed and progressed smoothly throughout the department. I would highly recommend her.
Linzi Todd, SevenSteps Recruitment
Sarah joined us during the early stage of our business development when our processes were immature or non-existent. She was instrumental in bringing order to the chaos and ensuring that we started to onboard new clients in an orderly fashion and build up accurate records of their technology estate. Our early clients therefore got a great level of service which may not have been the case otherwise. I found Sarah incredibly easy to manage and her output was always on the money. When setting her tasks she would understand immediately what was required and deliver on time and at or above expectations. She quickly interpreted the bigger picture and could intuitively add value to the various projects in play. Naturally more work then found Sarah and her ability to prioritise correctly was again first class. I would recommend her highly.
Bob Sweetlove, Digital Origin
Sarah is a reliable professional who ensures delivery of results to the highest of standards. Her ability to adapt was tested on a number of occasions during my time working with her, and each time Sarah excelled at any given task without fail. Sarah will add value with whomever she works with, through her attention to detail, tireless dedication and diligence. I would highly recommend anyone who can to work with Sarah.
Mike O’Hagan, Business Central Ltd